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My husband and I move from our home in Wisconsin to our home in California every winter, and found out our usual auto transport company had stopped operating in our area. I found discount auto transport online, called the number and spoke with a representative and received competent and informative answers to my questions. I went ahead and set up a pickup date. The truck driver was there on time and went through a thorough process of checking for pre-existing damage. He took the car and it was delivered to my home in California in three days, three days! Very impressed and highly recommended!
- Mary Powell
I had never had a car shipped before; however, my daughter is in college and need a car. I live in Nevada, and she attends school in West Virginia, so I figured the only way I could get her car there was by calling up an auto transport company and having them move it to her. A friend of mine had used Discount Auto Transport before, and recommended them to me. I filled out the online quote from and they got back to me within 30 minutes. I scheduled to have the car picked up and they got it to my daughter's college very quickly.
- Aaron Trueman
I called up Discount Auto Transport and spoke with a customer service agent that really knew his stuff. I had questions about moving my newer Corvette, and whether shipping in an open or enclosed trailer was more time and cost effective. He answered me and ensured me that enclosed transport was much more secure and safe for moving more expensive cars. He explained that I even had the option to privately ship my car in a single automobile trailer. This car is my baby, so I wanted to be sure that it arrived in the same condition that it was picked up in. I went ahead with an enclosed trailer, and I was very happy with the result. And the pricing wasn't too bad either! The car was in great hands and delivered in perfect condition. Thank you so much!
- Rob Gramble
From start to finish, I was very impressed with Discount Auto Transport. I filled out their online quote form and received a speedy response. I was shopping around trying to see what kind of pricing I could get to move my no longer running 83' Porsche 911. I honestly decided to go with Discount Auto Transport solely based on pricing. However, throughout the whole process, I was in disbelief! My car got to its destination within 2 days! And in the same condition it was shipped in! Much recommended!
- Terry Matthews
I had been yet to find a car shipping company that actually delivered my car on time... After searching around contacting different companies and asking for friend's recommendations, I stumbled upon Discount Auto Transport. I'm very thankful I found them, as I needed an express auto transport as I was flying to Houston for work and couldn't ship my car down soon enough. They delivered ON TIME! I have no complaints and am happy to have finally found an auto transport company that understands peoples' time constraints and can work according to them.
- Antonio Mar